Fourth Bowl

When the seven angels who had the seven plagues come out from the Temple of God, they receive from one of the four living creatures a bowl of God's wrath (Rev 15:6-7), and it appears that each plague is mixed with each corresponding bowl (Rev 21:9).

The fourth bowl / plague (Rev 16:8-9):

1. Poured onto the sun, and the sun scorched with fierce heat.

2. People blasphemed the name of God, and they did not repent so as to give Him glory.

3. Increasing the heat of the sun to "scorching" critically exacerbates the problem of scarce safe water for any use (i.e. agriculture, industry, etc.) as well as massive wildfires. The first trumpet already burned up 1/3 of the earth.

In light of the eagle's woe for "those who dwell on the earth" (Rev 8:13; 11:14), the bowl plagues represent the third, last woe, and the only remaining judgments against those left on earth; they represent the "reaping" by the angel (Rev 14:18-20).

The reaping figuratively speaks of gathering the "ripe" grapes and throwing them into the great wine press of God's wrath "outside the city" (Rev 14:18-19), which is a reference to the bowl judgments (Rev 16:1-21). This period of reaping includes the angelic assistance of carrying out Jesus Christ's judgment at Armageddon, because it is Jesus who treads upon the grapes in the great wine press of God's wrath (Rev 19:15-21).

This is an exerpt from: The First Six Bowls.