Is this in reference to human beings? As the result of the bowls of God’s judgments:

a) The salt water sea was poisoned killing every living thing in it (Rev 16:3).

b) Fresh water springs and rivers were poisoned (Rev 16:4-6).

c) The sun became exceedingly hot (Rev 16:8) and likely scorched any agriculture.

d) A massive earthquake and hailstorm (Rev 16:17-21) likely killed many.

As a consequence of God's bowl judgments resulting in life without water, food, and shelter, and the demise of the military at Armageddon marking the end of Daniel's seventy weeks (Dan 9:24-27), the death of all human beings would be the "end of sin" (Dan 9:24).

The only personal beings left on earth would be fallen angels who followed Satan. Observe carefully that it is "fire from heaven" that causes their demise (Rev 20:9).

From Revelation: An Explication © A resource for learning how to read the Bible.