Tabernacle of God

In the Old Testament, the tabernacle was a portable tent that was divided into two rooms, the Holy Place and the Holies of Holy. Known as the "tent of meeting," the tabernacle was recognized as the meeting place between God and the His people (Ex 40:34-35). When Solomon's Temple was built, the Holy of Holies had the dimensions of a cube: 30 feet x 30 feet x 30 feet (1 Kings 6:20).

It is significant that there is no temple in the new Jerusalem; it is the heavenly Holy of Holies.

New Jerusalem is shaped as a cube.

New Jerusalem is constructed with the finest materials and craftsmanship.

New Jerusalem is the place where Believers are in God's presence, and as glorified Believers, see His face (Rev 22:4).

From Revelation: An Explication © A resource for learning how to read the Bible.