Approach: Learning about Abram, why his name was changed to Abraham, and what God saw in Abraham.

Hermeneutic objective: Practicing how to carefully observe the biblical text and gaining a sense that Bible study involves the study of more than one passage.

Theological objective: The ratification of the Abrahamic Covenant indicated that God considered it as a unilateral and unconditional covenant; He will be the God of Abraham. The covenant promises: 1) Abram will have exceedingly numerous descendants, 2) Abram's name will change to Abraham, because he will be the father of a multitude of nations and kings, 3) Abraham's covenant will not die with him, but will be established everlasting with his descendants, and God will be their God, 4) his descendants will have an everlasting possession of the Land, and God will be their God.

Of the eight descendants of Abraham, only two would receive blessings from God: Ishmael and Isaac, both of whom would return to bury their father.

Recognized not only for his great faith, God also knew that Abraham would teach "his children and his household to keep the way of the Lord."