Approach: Studying Bible passages together and sharing your observations.

Hermeneutic objective: Develop one's skill in observation and gaining a broad understanding about God's omniscient nature.

Theological objective: God's effortless omniscience includes knowing each person's thoughts, motives, and emotions. While a person may deceive himself, nothing deceives God.

God knows His people intimately. He knows all of our thoughts, how we will make decisions and live our lives, and share His knowledge so that we may live rightly. God knows of our desires and needs before we even think of asking Him.

God does not seem to forget in human sense. Atonement, payment of sin (OT: Mosaic Law sacrifices, NT: Jesus Christ) removes sin so that it is no longer on our record and available for evaluation. While the sin was committed and well known by God, it's removal from His view is in essence no longer remembered. Omniscience places an emphasis on the grace of God's loving forgiveness. It is with awe and wonder that the all knowing God no longer remembers the sins of a Believer.