Approach: With careful observation of passages concerning human beings as the image of God, consider the deeper implications and how this concept fits within the context of the whole Bible.

Hermeneutic objective: Practicing good observation and thinking logically about the facts.

Theological objective: Human beings were made in God's image to:

Project a visual representation of God, of power and authority over earth.

Show that God is a living being. God intended His relationship with man to be based on His covenant and word, which is only possible between living personal beings; faith did not entail trust in a dead idol but trust in the word of the living God.

Contrast and show that God Himself is holy, without sin with perfect moral knowledge, and eternal.

Magnify God's great agapē love. Although corrupted by Adam's sin of disobedience, the image of God is recovered through faith in God's only Son Jesus Christ.