Approach: Reading objectively and reasoning through the apparent contradiction.

Hermeneutic objective: With good observation of the text, use an online rescource to dig deeper with a word study.

Theological objective: When the Bible states that God remembered, it does not mean that He forgot. Often many apparent contradications are the result of not knowing biblical history and God's plan. For example:

When God remembered Rachel (Gen 30:22-24), Joseph was born and grew to interpret Pharoah's dream, become his vizier, prepare for the famine, and save the nation of Israel. God did not forget Rachel. She gave birth at the precise time so that Joseph could do all the things he did at that precise moment is history.

When God remembered the nation of Israel (Ex 2:23-24), Moses was at the right age to be God's spokesman and with the education required to write the first five books of the Bible. God did not forget His people. God's actions were at the precise time in history when this Pharoah had the predisposition to respond to God's plagues in the manner that would demonstrate the reality of God to the world.