Approach: Examining Daniel's confession (Dan 9:3-19), because God held him in high esteem and revealed details about the prophetic 70th week after this specific confession.

Hermeneutic objective: Breaking up the text to enable good observation of the text and ease our comprehension.

Theological objective: Daniel confesses the sins of his people, humbles himself under God's judgment, confesses that God is right and prays that God would show mercy.

Genuine confession of sin is the recognition of the error of one's sin against the holiness of God. The genuine change of mind, repentance, to obey God's way, which provides the relief from God's judgment.

Confessing is intertwined with the acknowledgment of sin and praise / thanks for God's majesty and power. It reflects in part the idea that the privilege of confessing a sin in seeking forgiveness from a Holy God is in itself something worthy of praising.