Approach: Reading John 6:44 with a focus on understanding who God draws.

Hermeneutic objective: Learning how to be rigorous in your hermeneutic approach.

Theological objective: When Jesus speaks of "everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to me," He was referring to the genuine Old Testament Believer.

Recipient of God's word, the Jews learned and heard the Old Testament by oral tradition.

Only genuine Old Testament Believers would be drawn / attracted to Jesus, because they would be aware that His birth, life, and works fulfilled many prophecies pointing to the Messiah.

With the Mosaic Covenant in view, God deemed those who listened to His voice and obeyed His commands would be His "treasured possession among all the peoples." These were the people given to God's Son Jesus.

In coming first for the Jews, Jesus brings the Believer under the Old Covenant to the New.