Approach: This lesson about the Holy Spirit's role in sanctification may take two class sessions, because of number and depth of passages that are covered.

Hermeneutic objective: Carefully observing what the Holy Spirit does actively and passively.

Theological objective: God desires to sanctify and set apart people for Himself by providing His Holy Spirit.

For non-Believers, there is no work done by the Holy Spirit, because His work is confined to the Believer.

For Believers, the Holy Spirit assures the indwelling presence of Jesus Christ and guarantees their inheritance in the future completion of salvation.

Indwells permanently, washes the heart and renews the mind.

Helps the Believer understand God's word the Bible and provides the power to resist the power of sin.

Helps in times of trouble by intercession.

Provides a community of Believers to help one grow in spiritual maturity and service of God.