Approach: This lesson about Jesus' role in sanctification may take two class sessions. Knowledge about the Mosaic and New Covenants and Temple practices would be helpful.

Hermeneutic objective: Integrating your observations from the Old and New Testaments.

Theological objective: God desires to sanctify and set apart people for Himself by providing His only Son Jesus to pay the judicial price of sin in substitution of the sinner.

For non-Believers, Jesus Christ provides the possibility and means for salvation from the penalty of sin.

For Believers, Jesus Christ fulfills the purpose of the Mosaic Covenant and mediates the New Covenant.

Atones for all of the Believer's sins.

Enables adoption to be a son of God and heir to God's promised inheritance.

Spiritual union with Jesus.

Provides the power for the Believer to live a sanctified life.

Provides an example of what it means to be holy and a goal for full development.

Provides a community of Believers who could encourage and help in the process of sanctification and be responsible for each other.