Undaunted: Josh’s Testimony

Join Josh as he shares the unforgettable story of his personal encounter with Jesus Christ. A dysfunctional family life, an alcoholic and violent father and a sexually abusive worker on the family farm left Josh with a lifetime of scars and shame. Eager to rail against the existence of a loving God, he set out to intellectually disprove Christianity.

You’ll find encouragement, hope and redemption in Josh’s story of how God’s passionate love and grace, along with the evidences for the truth of Christianity, forever changed the life of this former agnostic. Josh will show how God narrowed down the search for the Messiah by creating an “address in history.” Just as your address sets you apart from everyone else on earth, so too, God created an address for His Son, setting Him apart from everyone else. Josh takes you through a thrilling journey of over 333 prophecies in the Bible that were all fulfilled in one individual – Jesus Christ – thereby validating His claim to be God.