Me teach?

Of all the professions or subjects in the world, when it comes to the Bible, no one wants to be identified as a Bible teacher. Teaching is no more than sharing what you know. An "authoritative" teacher is simply someone who happens to know more. The beauty of a group Bible study is that it encourages everyone to share what they know. The problem for most groups is that what is shared is more of an opinion than biblical fact.

Most people are insecure about teaching because they spent more time sharing and learning opinions than facts. So if one has studied for 10+ years and is still insecure about what they know, it's usually a problem of what they know, method of study, or commitment to study time. Take a moment to figure out your shortfall and work on a solution. One test of competency is to evaluate if your 10 year experience is 1 year of experience practiced 10x over or a culmination of building and learning one's craft over 10 years.

In your group, teachers have a great opportunity to test how well one has prepared to serve God without any consequences. Nobody wants to see you fail, and there's usually someone who can assist. The discussions could show you how you improve for the next opportunity of teaching a class. Differences in fact checking or interpretations should be encouraged, because this is how you can sharpen your knowledge and understanding. God's word can be really tough to accept, because His moral standard is so high or counter to cultural values. Often, this is what it takes to change our minds about a moral value and subsequently change our lives.

Don't be afraid of jumping in to serve as a teacher!