Isaiah 43

a) Verses: List the verses’ numbers for this study and begin to write down a short phrase or a single word from each verse that will remind you what is happening in that verse.

1) I have redeemed you

2) I will be with you

3) I am your God

4) I love you

5) I am with you

6-7) I will gather you

8) eyes & ears but blind and deaf

9) no one has foretold this

10) I have chosen you

11) I AM the Lord - there is no other!

12) revealed, proclaimed & saved

13) no one can reverse this

14) I will bring down Babylonians

15) I AM Israel's creator

16-19) forget former, I do a new thing

20) I provide for chosen

21) my people formed to praise

22) yet, you have not called me

23-24) no offerings or sacrifices

25) I blot out sin and remember no more

26) state your case

27) your first father sinned

28) I will disgrace you

b) Divisions: For each division, write a short, but complete sentence describing the key action and character in that division. Keep your sentence factual as opposed to spiritual.

1-13) God has redeemed and loved Israel.

14-21) God has shown mercy to Israel.

22-28) Israel has rejected God.

c) Subject Sentence: From your divisions, combine the central thoughts into a subject sentence of 10 words or less. This must be a complete sentence with a subject and verb.

God has created and redeemed Israel, but Israel rejected Him.

d) AIM: Find the compelling motive of this passage that would cause you to change your life.

Cause my audience to understand the mercy and redemption of God before it is too late.

e) Applications: Go back and look at your divisions. Generally, you should try to write at least one application for each of your divisions.

1. Who do you believe has created you and for what purpose?

2. Do you believe there is any other Savior other than Jesus Christ?

3. How have you praised and worshipped God this week?

4. By what actions or deeds may you have rejected God recently?

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