Isaiah 44

a) Verses: List the verses’ numbers for this study and begin to write down a short phrase or a single word from each verse that will remind you what is happening in that verse.

1-2) Listen Jacob, do not fear

3) I'll pour out my Spirit & blessing on descendants

4-5) they will be mine

6) I AM first and last

7) no one like me

8) did I not foretell this?

9-11) those who create idols will be shamed

12-17) their efforts are futile

18) they know nothing

19) they have no knowledge

20) they cannot save themselves

21) remember Jacob, you are my servant

22) return to me

23) shout loud - I have redeemed you

24) I AM the Lord - your redeemer

25) who turns the wise to nonsense

26-27) who fulfills predictions

28) Cyrus will decree -rebuild temple

b) Divisions: For each division, write a short, but complete sentence describing the key action and character in that division. Keep your sentence factual as opposed to spiritual.

1-5) The Lord has chosen Israel to be His.

6-23) Pursue the Lord, not worthless idols.

24-28) God will restore the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

c) Subject Sentence: From your divisions, combine the central thoughts into a subject sentence of 10 words or less. This must be a complete sentence with a subject and verb.

God has chosen Israel, but rejected those who build idols.

d) AIM: Find the compelling motive of this passage that would cause you to change your life.

Cause my audience to pursue the one true God rather than chase after worthless idols.

e) Applications: Go back and look at your divisions. Generally, you should try to write at least one application for each of your divisions.

1. How should knowing that God goes before you change the way you live?

2. Who or what are you pursuing more than you pursue God?

3. Can you truly say that you serve the one true God with all your heart?

4. In what ways has God restored your life?

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