Isaiah 48

a) Verses: List the verses’ numbers for this study and begin to write down a short phrase or a single word from each verse that will remind you what is happening in that verse.

1-2) listen Israel to Lord Almighty

3) I foretold, then acted

4-5) you can't credit idols

6) admit this

7-8) you have not heard or understood

9) I delay for Jacob

10) I have refined & tested

11) for my sake - I will not yield glory

12) listen O Jacob

13) I formed heaven & earth

14) what idols foretold this?

15-16) sovereign Lord speaks

17) I direct your paths

18) If only you paid attention

19) offspring would have been greatly blessed

20) Flee Babylon - I redeem Jacob

21) they did not thirst

22) no peace for wicked

b) Divisions: For each division, write a short, but complete sentence describing the key action and character in that division. Keep your sentence factual as opposed to spiritual.

1-11) God foretold but Israel did not listen nor heed.

12-19) Israel's failure to listen cost them many blessings.

20-22) Flee Babylon for there is no peace for the wicked.

c) Subject Sentence: From your divisions, combine the central thoughts into a subject sentence of 10 words or less. This must be a complete sentence with a subject and verb.

Israel missed God's blessing because of their unrighteousness and stubbornness.

d) AIM: Find the compelling motive of this passage that would cause you to change your life.

Cause my audience to listen carefully to God's Word, follow His direction and avoid giving His glory to others.

e) Applications: Go back and look at your divisions. Generally, you should try to write at least one application for each of your divisions.

1. How do you listen for God's leading in your life?

2. Who have you glorified this week when the glory really belonged to God?

3. What teachings in God's Word have you failed to obey?

4. Can you honestly say that you thirst for God and His Word? If not, how can you correct this in your life?

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