Why Be Moral?

Some people do not believe that there are always reasons to do what is morally correct or to avoid what is morally wrong. They ask the question, "why be moral?"

To put it another way, they ask,

"What makes it irrational to be immoral?"

"Why should I be a moral person?"

"Why should I do acts that are morally good?"

Moral skeptics prove this claim by showing an instance where there can be a reason not to do what is morally good or required.

For instance, a suicide bomber would kill another person for the satisfaction of killing one whom he hates and for the belief of achieving martyrdom. Or a man would defraud or steal from another for the purpose of achieving wealth. Or a man who patronizes prostitutes or marries and divorces numerous wives in the search of love.

In these cases, moral decisions are affected by self-interest, and immoral decisions are not irrational. Moral skeptics can prove that there are reasons to do what is morally wrong; however, it's hard to see how human civilization, education, and progress can occur.

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