So what?
(J. Peterson)

Sometimes we’re told that a public person’s behavior in private is none of our business, that it doesn’t affect what they are called on to do publicly, and that therefore we should just pull our prudish noses away and not worry about it.

Naturally those, who are supportive of a particular politician or official facing questions about their ethical or moral behavior, generally say this.

Other times we’re told that a public person’s behavior in private is simply inexcusable and that it cannot be tolerated in one who holds the public trust.

Of course those, who are critical of a particular politician or official, generally say this.

Besides the obvious pattern of political bias, in today’s social understanding, it’s really more a question of what particular ethical or moral behavior is in question.

The behavior that we are most often asked to wink at is adultery or promiscuity. The behavior we are most often asked to condemn is racism or sexual harassment.

Who determined, and how, that acts or attitudes of racial discrimination are evidence of unacceptable character, and that acts of adultery or promiscuity are not?

A perspective from Pastor John Peterson. Pastor John took a degree in Electronic Engineering at San Jose State College, but decided that a career in engineering was not what God had for him. He went to Western Seminary in Portland and graduated with a Master of Divinity in the pastoral major, and then a Master of Theology in Biblical Literature, along with much of the work for a doctorate. He has served in several churches as the Pastor for Christian Education, managing the classes and programs for Nursery through Youth and Adults. Currently he leads the Christian Education program at Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland, WA. John loves to teach and train and encourage others in the ministry!

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