About This Curriculum

Christian education isn't simply teaching another the facts of the Bible. The challenge is how to teach the reality of God such that the student would: a) believe that the Bible's invisible God truly exists, b) place a trust in His words, and c) desire to "be holy as God is holy".

How do you teach and inspire another to make faith in Jesus Christ their own?

How do you present the Bible so that it would engender a trust in God's word?

How can the holiness of God's moral standard be appreciated and embraced for the goodness of it?

Does your theology take into account both Old and New Testaments?

The curriculum we offer is intended to be a compliment to the vast variety of teaching curriculums available. With a wide selection of lessons, a teacher may select the lesson best suited for Sunday School students, their family devotions, kids programs, or any Bible study group.

Our approach to the curriculum is the following:

1. Familiarize the student of the historical events of the Bible at an early age.

2. Teach biblical hermeneutics so that the student can learn how to read the Bible, discern the truth of God's word, and develop a coherent and logical theology on their own.

3. Introduce, as evidence, biblical archaeology and ancient history that the student can check for themselves of the historical truth of the Bible's people, places, and events.

4. If we can help students read the Bible better, then the Holy Spirit will teach the student what they need to know and do.

How to use this curriculum:

1. The web page lesson essentially represents the lesson that will be covered in class.

2. Click the Lesson Abstract, in the upper right corner, to see a side panel of the lesson's approach, hermeneutic objective, and theological objective.

3. Click the Class Lesson / Teacher Notes to see a new window containing a print ready PDF file that initially shows the Class Lesson. By scrolling down the same PDF file, the Teacher Note can be seen. The Teacher Note serves as a suggested teaching approach, and we would encourage you to use your love and skills to tailor the lesson to teach the students in the most effective manner.

4. While each lesson is associated with certain school grades, teachers are encouraged to review any lesson and use the one they consider most appropriate.

5. To keep parents abreast with the class, the Teacher Notes can be printed and handed out or parents can be directed to the URL of the Teacher Notes appended at the end of each class lesson.

6. All lessons are listed in an index; this means that both teacher and parent can view the same curriculum, and, if desired, a teacher can assign homework for a topic that won't be taught in class.

7. How well you teach depends on how well you yourself understand the material - take the time to prepare! If you need to deeper understanding about a topic, you can look at the other lessons about that topic or our index of in-depth study information: Topics for Study.

8. Ignore the grade associated with the lesson; this material can be used for any teaching opportunity, family / mentor / discipleship, or group Bible study.

While much of our content was developed in house, this curriculum would not be complete without the work of other Believers serving God elsewhere, and we would like to acknowledge and thank them for their love and service to God.

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