Topics for study... Building the basis for a systematic theology

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This is an organized and logical index of various topics with each having its corresponding articles / lessons. This organization enables you to study a topic within the context of the Bible.

Is this systematic theology? No. However, this is an example of how one can begin building the basis for their own organized view of theology. This example is to encourage you to develop a thorough and comprehensive systematic theology.

Theology (what Christians believe) is the basis for Ethics (how Christians ought to apply what they believe) which leads to Experience and Practice (what Christians do). Don't get it backwards; experience and practice does not replace the Bible as the basis of theology!

Articles are rated by their literary ease: easiest (+) to more academic (+++).
[Note: None of us will arrive at a perfect theology... Read more]


Jesus Christ

Holy Spirit



Human Beings



Christian Living

The Church

Eschatology: The End Times and End of Human History

Creeds, Confessions and Statements

Scripture Index... Researching for biblical context:

Scripture Index

Index of Archaeological and Epigraphic points of interest... Seeking historical facts and evidence of the truth:

Biblical Archaeology Index

Index of Authors... "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another":

Author Index

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