Andrea Holtan


Andrea L Holtan is an Old and New Testament scholar, speaker, and teacher. She has lived and worked across the globe in Canada, Mexico, Japan, and East Africa teaching business and scripture for over 20 years. While living in Nairobi Kenya, Andrea taught Business Ethics at Daystar University and assisted several NGOs, including World Concern, in East Africa working on project cost analysis, counseling missionaries, and speaking at churches.

As a Teaching Leader through Bible Study Fellowship for 16 years, Andrea is a recognized expert and a requested speaker throughout the US and Canada.

She currently works as a Senior Adjunct Professor at Seattle University in the Marketing department and is a federally Licensed Customs Broker consulting international companies on international trade and culture.


1. Breaking Down Scripture to Raise our Understanding (24:46) | Outline | Slide Notes


What is the difference between homiletics and hermeneutics? How can Homiletics enable us to gain understanding and insight into God's Word for ourselves and to share truth with others? We will go through Romans 11 together and discover deep and wonderful truths using a pattern of Homiletics to help us.

2. Interpreting Scripture in light of Culture (40:22) | Slide Notes


Hermeneutics is the process of biblical interpretation. How do we interpret scripture using the culture of the time and using other scripture? Can there be multiple interpretations of the same passage? Let's explore this together.

"Designate a time and spot for daily study. Always pray before you start your study so your heart is ready to hear the Holy Spirit speak HIs truth into your life."

Andrea Holtan, 2019

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