Bob Kennell


Bob Kennell and his wife Noby have been serving as church planters with Ethnos 360 (founded as New Tribes Mission) since 1977. They pioneered a new area in the lower Sepik region of Papua New Guinea with a people group called the Bisorio, head hunters living in one of the most remote and untouched areas of jungle in PNG. After learning the language and culture of the Bisorios, along with another family, they were able to teach the people chronologically through the Bible, and after months of teaching the Bisorios five days a week, the first church was born in 1982 with 70 new believers. To date 4 new churches have been planted with ordained elders and deacons functioning and continuing to lead and shepherd these churches. As the main bible translator Bob completed the first Bisorio New Testament which was was presented to the Bisorios in 1991. Literacy was a priority for the people so while 95% of the people are believers in Jesus Christ, at least 90% are literate and able to read God’s Word. They love the Word of God and read it. Since all 1000 copies of the NT were used and no more were available, a new printing became a priority. Consequently a second reprint was done with 5600 selected verses of the Old Testament and 2500 copies were presented to the churches in 2016.

It is significant that the strength and growth of the church is largely attributed to the Bisorios' love for the Word of God.

In 2010 Bob and Noby joined a neighboring tribal team and after learning the language Bob completed 65% of the Malaumanda New Testament, which was presented to them in 2015.

Bob has had the opportunity to train others to teach the scripture Chronologically in India, Russia, Mongolia, Myanmar, and China. He is presently involved in teaching and training pastors and lay men and women in Vietnam and Thailand.


1. The Greatness of God Seen Through the Chronology of Scripture (39:33) | Slide Notes


God revealed Himself to mankind, not just by word, but through personal interaction with His creation. In this session we will look at knowing our God by means of studying the Word through a chronological lens.

2. Transformation - Not Conformity (37:11) | Slide Notes


We are living in an age where the standards of the Word of God are being challenged. In this session we will look at how study of the Word of God produces transformation and not conformity to the standards of the world.

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