Douglas Mar


After retiring from the practice of optometry, Doug spends his time in Bible study and the understanding of theology. Without seminary training, he attempts to use the academic training of his former profession and experience in many clinical investigations to bring an objective eye to the Scriptures and allow the data to drive his theology.

Concerned with the decline in biblical literacy around the world, he helps people learn how to read the Bible using practical methods and makes available his work at


1. How to use (2:17)


Learn how to use this tool to maximize its potential benefit to your personal study and development of your systematic theology.

2. How to Have an Objective Group Study (7:36)


If your group is having trouble finding a leader with Bible knowledge, this presentation will show your group how to have an objective and fruitful study by level loading the responsibility of teaching.


1. How to do a self sustaining objective in-depth group Bible study without the need of a great teacher (D. Mar)

2. Tools: A Summary of References (J. Hansen)

3. What is a Chiasmus? (11:34) | Worksheet


The seminar explains what a Hebrew chiasm is, some of the variations you may see in the Bible, and how to objectively study them using John 1:1-18 as an example.


1. Chiasms: the Hebrew X-factor

2. Daniel's Double Chiasm, A Series on Daniel's Prophecies and Fulfillment: Part 4

3. The Chiasm of John 1:1-18

4. Biblical Narratives – Observing This Literary Genre (13:06) | Worksheet


Are narratives easy to read, because they are simply stories? Learn how to read a biblical narrative to extract the most from your study!


1. Biblical Narratives – Observing This Literary Genre

5. Agapē – Understanding a Term by Doing a Good Word Study (18:31) | Worksheet


How do you do a word study and what reference tools do you use? Agapē love is a complex and challenging word to understand and will be the example for study in this seminar.


1. God is Love

2. Love for one another…implications to the church… (E. Radmacher)

"Take an interest in the salvation of others and be a blessing; but, you cannot teach what you do not know."

Doug Mar, 2020

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