Worldview Apologetics Conference
Sponsor: Pastor Karl Payne of Antioch Bible Church

2021 Conference Cancelled

Due to the Sars-Cov-2 virus, this year's in-person conference has been cancelled, and the speakers for the 2022 conference will be announced by July 2021.

In lieu of the April 2021 conference, selected video recordings of past conference speakers will be freely available to watch on Pastor Karl's personal website Transferable Cross Training. Each day, from April 15 - 30, a new video will be released with the intent of effectively equipping people to know what they believe, why they believe, and how to comfortably and confidently share what they believe with others.

Video Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
April 15, 2021 Josh McDowell (2017) Perfect Storm: Understanding Culture to Better Communicate Truth
April 16, 2021 Sean McDowell (2019) Evidence that Demands a Verdict
April 17, 2021 Lee Strobel (2018) The Case for Christ
April 18, 2021 Gary Habermas (2018) The Resurrection of Jesus Timeline
April 19, 2021 Craig Evans (2017) Are the N.T. Gospels Reliable?
April 20, 2021 Calvin Beisner (2015) Godly Dominion vs Environmentalism
April 21, 2021 Phil Fernandes (2016) The Coming Death of Civilization
April 22, 2021 Jeff Myers (2016) Five Bad Ideas: Materialism, Relativism, Darwinism, Sexual Libertinism, and Post- Modernism
April 23, 2021 Greg Koukl (2019) The Columbo Tactic: How to Maneuver With Grace in Any Conversation
April 24, 2021 Sean McDowell (2017) Atheist Encounter
April 25, 2021 Doug Geivett (2015) The New Apostolic Reformation
April 26, 2021 Bill Salus (2018) The Now Prophecies: Which Predictions Could Happen at the Present Time?
April 27, 2021 Norm Geisler (2015) Is the Bible Without Error?
April 28, 2021 William Lane Craig (2017) The Origin and Fine Tuning of the Universe
April 29, 2021 Pablo Wenceslao (2015) Architecture of the Universe: Invisible Attributes Clearly Seen
April 30, 2021 Gish / Doolitle Debate (1992) The Final Debate Between Duane Gish & Russell Doolittle
Unless you were in El Cajon, CA. on a very hot April evening in 1992 with about 2000 other people you have probably never seen this debate. At last, you can; and hopefully it will be as educational today as it was then. These two champions, representing their respective positions, Gish, Special Creation, and Doolittle, Neo Darwinian Evolution, had previously debated at San Diego, CA., Ames, IA., Lynchburg, VA. This debate was their final rematch at El Cajon, CA. It was long, it was grueling in the heat, it was fair, and it was an incredible evening and debate to remember!

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