Dr. Phil Fernandes


Dr. Phil Fernandes is the pastor of Trinity Bible Fellowship, President of Institute of Biblical Defense and the Bible & Philosophy teacher at Crosspoint Academy in Bremerton, WA. He has earned a BA in Theology from Columbia Evangelical Seminary, a MA in Religion from Liberty University and a PhD in Philosophy of Religion from Greenwich University.

He has authored several books: The God Who Sits Enthroned: Evidence for God's Existence, No Other Gods: A Defense of Biblical Christianity, God, Government, and the Road to Tyranny Theism Vs. Atheism: The Internet Debate, and The Decay of a Nation. He has contributied a chapter to The Big Argument: Does God Exist? edited by John Aston and Michael Westacott.

His is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society, and The Society of Christian Philosophers. He has lectured and debated on college campuses including: Princeton, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), and the University of Washington. (

2021 Conference Topics

Cultural Marxism and the Death of the Individual

Traditional Arguments for God's Existence

Witnessing to Mormons

Aquinas & Augustine and Their Defense of the Faith

2018 Conference Topics

The Death of the American Church

The Death of Truth

Is the God of the Old Testament Wicked?

2016 Conference Topics

The Coming Death of Western Civilization

How America Should Respond to Terrorism

Why the Early Church rejected the Gnostic Gospels

A Biblical and Rational Defense of the Trinity

2015 Conference Topics

Re-dating the Gospels

Depraved New World: The Impact of Darwinian Evolution in Society

Did Jesus Really Exist?

2011 Conference Topics

The Coming Collapse of America? The Need for Cultural Apologetics

A Biblical Critique of the Roman Catholic Rite of Exorcism

Responding to Recent Attacks on the Historical Jesus

2009 Conference Topics

Three Objectives to Christianity: Miracles, Hell, Never Heard

Refuting the New Atheism

The True Jesus of the Bible

2008 Conference Topics

Is God a Delusion? A Christian Response to Richard Dawkins

2007 Conference Topics

The New Tomb of Jesus

The Intolerance of Tolerance

The Emergent Church

2006 Conference Topics

Refuting Arguments for Atheism

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