Dan Kreft


Dan Kreft is a blood-bought and bullet-proof child of the King by election, a software engineer by trade, teacher by gifting, and an apologist and author by passion. He earned a degree in electrical engineering from Northwestern University where he played basketball in the BigTen, before going on to play professionally in Europe and the U.S.

Since 2003, Dan has been teaching practical theology and apologetics to pre-teens through adults at Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland, WA. He has a reputation for provoking his students to thought with challenging questions and for rejecting shallow, "generic Sunday school answers." His unconventional approach to Sunday school is captured in his three-volume book "Jesus" Is Not the Answer to Every Sunday School Question, which brings the reader into his class as he equips students to answer questions including "Why should anyone believe the Bible?," "What is and when was the Beginning?," "Did God use the big bang?," "Why is the divinity of Jesus such a big deal?," and demonstrates how to talk to Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, and skeptics.

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