Separated from the Profane

A Series on the Holiness of God

These Bible study lessons are designed to complement the myriad of study guides and plans available today. Through them, we hope to introduce sound study methodology, build a strong foundation of knowledge from which you can build and integrate a more coherent and comprehensive understanding of God's word and theology.

The God of the Bible is unique among all other gods. He is alive and through historical events, demonstrates that He truly exists, which separates Him from all other gods. He pre-existed before time and is timeless, which separates Him from all of Creation.

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1. Use a Bible dictionary and look up the terms "holy, sanctify, consecrate" and "profane." How and why does God require holiness (Ex 3:5; 20:10-15; 29:1-14, 38-46)?

2. What does God’s forever memorial name mean (Ex 3:14-15)? How does the first 3 commandments of the 10 commandments contribute to your understanding (Ex 20:3-7)?

3. What are the implications when God created a living image of Himself (Gen 1:26-31)? Because of Abraham’s great faith, God made a promise to him (Gen 6:2-8; 19:4-6). What are its implications to you?

4. Observe this series of verses carefully (Ezek 36:22-27; Matt 1:21-23; John 5:19-20; 14:10-11). How exactly did God use His Son for His display of holiness and glory?

5. As you reflect upon our holy God, in what manner do you see yourself (1 Cor 3:16-17; 6:17-20; Eph 2:18-22)?

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