The Davidic (King) Covenant

A Series on Understanding the Bible's Framework

These Bible study lessons are designed to complement the myriad of study guides and plans available today. Through them, we hope to introduce sound study methodology, build a strong foundation of knowledge from which you can build and integrate a more coherent and comprehensive understanding of God's word and theology.

Besides Abraham, whom God lauded for his faith, God made a personal promise to David who He found to be "a man after My heart, who will do all My will" (Acts 13:22). Both Abraham and David would be the only human beings who would share a faith approaching that of Jesus Christ (John 6:38) as a man after God’s heart who will do ALL of God’s will.

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1. Around 1000 B.C., roughly 400 years after the Mosaic Covenant, God makes a covenant with King David founder of the Davidic monarchy. What is it about David's character that we can learn something about faith (1 Sam 16:7, 12-13; 17:26-32, 45-47; 24:6-7; 2 Sam 2:1; 5:1-2)?

2. Observe carefully what God promised (2 Sam 7:8-17 and 1 Chron 17:8-15). If you are familiar with the gospels, discuss how was some of this fulfilled and observe the beauty of God plan.

3. When understanding the Davidic Covenant literally, like the Land Covenant, you cannot escape the conclusion that God includes a view towards eschatology. This may be difficult to discern unless one had some exposure to sources like the book of Revelation, and even then, Revelation’s figures of speech is difficult to comprehend. Examine these pairings of the Davidic Covenant to some verses from Revelation (a: 2 Sam 7:10; 1 Chron 17:9 / Rev 1:5-6, b: 2 Sam 7:11; 1 Chron 17:10 / Rev 21:25-27, c: 2 Sam 7:16 / 1 Chron 17:14 / Rev 21:22-23; 22:3). Can you observe similarities or not? Can you perceive a way to control speculation?

4. What is the significance of the Davidic Covenant?

References for Group Study Leaders

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