The Land Covenant

A Series on Understanding the Bible's Framework

These Bible study lessons are designed to complement the myriad of study guides and plans available today. Through them, we hope to introduce sound study methodology, build a strong foundation of knowledge from which you can build and integrate a more coherent and comprehensive understanding of God's word and theology.

This Covenant was known by several names: a) the Land Covenant for its promises regarding the inheritance of land, b) the Palestinian Covenant for the location of where the covenant was made (the plains of Moab), and c) the Deuteronomy Covenant for the location of where the covenant is found in the Bible. The Land Covenant is distinctly different from the Mosaic Covenant for two reasons: 1) it was made 40 years after the Mosaic Covenant, and 2) it was made in Moab (instead of Horeb also known as Mt. Sinai; Deut 29:1).

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1. Carefully observe Deuteronomy 29:10-14. What do you discover?

2. Without careful observation, concepts may be confused and the meaning of a passage lost. A case in point is examining what covenant is in view here (Deut 29:19-29) which sets the stage for something to happen when certain conditions are met (Deut 30:1-5). What are the conditions to which covenant?

3. What is promised in the Land Covenant (Deut 30:6-10)?

4. God speaks of circumcising our heart (Deut 30:6). A tool that can help clarify this idea is to use a concordance for "circumcise" to see if the Bible defines or elaborates upon the term. What did you discover?

5. What does Moses say immediately following the Land Covenant (Deut 30:11-16)?

6. What is the significance of the Land Covenant? Will this be fulfilled in the course of human history or after??

References for Group Study Leaders

1. Divine Covenants… the Land…

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