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"Why should the church of Jesus Christ be a spiritual school where hardly any one graduates from the 1st grade? You know the old joke about the man who was asked if he was well educated? 'I should be,' he answered, 'I spent 5 years in the 4th grade.' There’s no humor in the confession of any man or woman that he or she should be a good Christian having spent the last 19 years in the 2nd and 3rd grades in the Christian fellowship. When did anyone ever find in the Scriptures that the Christian church is dedicated to the proposition that everyone ought to remain static? Whence came the notion that if you’re a Christian and in the fold by faith you need never grow?" A. W. Tozer.

Are you ready to carry out the Word and Will of the Lord? What Bible study environment would encourage and motivate you to read the Bible? Consider the following:

1. Start a personal Bible study.

Strive for holiness!

Even 10 minutes a day is better than none at all!

2. Use the Internet to help you establish a regular Bible study!

Ask a friend to check your accountability by email.

Set your calendar for reminders.

3. Start a Bible study with your family.

Be an example.

Are your spiritual hopes for your family the same as for yourself?

4. Ask your pastor about any church programs that help one with Bible study.

5. Join a Bible study group.

Learn about different perspectives.

Learn about different Bible study methods.

Have friends help you be accountable.

6. Make a diary of your progress.

See where you will be going; set goals!

See where you’ve been! Don’t regress!

7. Consider Bible College or Seminary!

Many programs allow taking electives without pursuing a formal degree.

Ask your pastor about various local programs.

Check the Internet for information.

This website is about one systematic method by which you may successfully read the Bible. The more you observe, the less you need to interpret, and the more accurately you’ll be able to apply. There are many other methods of study; the method or environment you chose does not determine how successful you will be. Whether the Bible will merely inform or transform your life depends on your heart’s susceptibility to the Holy Spirit. It is our fervent prayer and hope that it will be the latter.

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