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Before I embarked on this ministry, the theology I embraced was based on the theology of other academic theologians. I never had the time or resources to study in depth various doctrinal issues, so when difficult interpretive issues arose, I accepted the logic and theological framework of my authoritative theologians.

The doctrine of salvation has so many points of controversy that it was so much easier to plead ignorance than to contest and take a Berean approach.

When I retired, I used my time to investigate those nagging issues that never really made sense to me, and this study on salvation was the result of a four year study. The approach I used was from the ground up by examining the most basic components; however, you must bear in mind that I never went to seminary or learned Greek or Hebrew.

Although I tried to be very careful, I'm certain you will find errors and flaws in my methods and conclusions, or disagree with my hermeneutics. But I am willing to expose myself in this public disclosure of what I believe in hopes that you would be challenged in reviewing your theology and examining the Text yourself. You may be surprised at what the Holy Spirit may show you as I was.

For me, this was a wonderful adventure as the whole concept of salvation now makes sense to me, and I can take the Bible's words in their natural meaning. I marvel at the elegance and beauty of God's logic and fidelity throughout the entire Bible.

But I strongly encourage you to do your own study and take a Berean approach.

Read, pray and share with others what God is teaching you. Be a blessing; we all need help in the process of sanctification.

Doug (3/15/2013)

Series: The Doctrine on Salvation

Series: The Doctrine on Salvation

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