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New Jerusalem

As the Son of God, Jesus Christ had a choice, and He chose to be obedient to His Father.

Jesus embraced the purpose His Father had for Him.

Jesus Christ is proof that the invisible God is a real living Being.

He bears God's image!

He is the manifestation of God's word and agapē love; He says what His Father says and does what His Father wants!

Jesus accepted the role He would play in His Father's plan.

Jesus Christ is the Agent of God's Salvation!

He is the Mediator of the New Covenant!

Jesus Christ is the Agent of God's Judgment.

He is the only One who could break the scroll's seals!

He alone recognizes who is in the Book of Life and determines who would be tossed into the lake of fire!

He sees to the permanent end of evil and death!

Jesus Christ is the means for God to fulfill His promises to Abraham.

His atonement is the means through whom all the families would be blessed!

His Second Coming establishes His authority as the everlasting King of the Kingdom of God!

His final judgment at the White Throne causes the passing of the earth and allows the creation of a new earth and New Jerusalem whose dimensions exactly match the Promised Land!

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