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Angel of the Lord

Although the pre-eminence of Jesus Christ was apparent in the New Testament, He was also prominent during the Old Testament in the form of a spirit being as the Angel of the Lord.

In contrast to all other angels, the Angel of the Lord was not created and had the attributes of God. Distinct from God, the Angel of the Lord could be safely seen face to face by human beings.

Hagar was promised to have a multitude of descendants (Gen 16:10; 21:17-18).

Abraham was prevented from sacrificing his son, as directed by God, and was blessed (Gen 22:11-12, 15-18).

Jacob was instructed to return to the land of his birth (Gen 31:11-13).

Moses was appointed to led God’s people out of Egypt (Ex 3:2-6).

The nation of Israel was protected from Egypt’s pursuit (Ex 14:19-20).

The nation of Israel was rebuked for failing to take the Promised Land (Jud 2:1-5).

Manoah, the wife of Samson, worshiped with a burnt offering (Jud 13:15-20).

Early in the history of the Patriarchs, the Angel of the Lord is recognized as the cause of redemption "from all evil" (Gen 48:16), and any reference to the Angel of the Lord disappears when Jesus Christ is born.

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