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evil vs good

Accustomed to the coexistence of good and evil, one does not realize that the very existence of evil and fallen evil angels is absolutely and irrevocably adjudicated at the end of human history.

When God created life, two beings, on their own volition, introduced sin into the world.

Of angelic beings, Satan deceived and tempted human beings to disobey God (Gen 3:1-6).

Of human beings, Adam disobeyed God’s word (Gen 3:17-19).

Intending His Creation to be morally good (Gen 1:31), God promised a means of salvation through His covenant with Abraham (Gen 12:1-7; 22:15-18), a restoration of a relationship with God (Rev 20:6), and the promise of a land of peace in which God would dwell among the children of Abraham (Gen 15:18; Ezek 37:25-28).

And God’s Salvation also came as the Judge (John 5:20-30).

Series: The Doctrine on Angels

Series: The Doctrine on Angels
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