The Role of Unfallen Angels

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Throughout the Bible, good unfallen angels are portrayed as interacting primarily with individuals or groups of people. It is not until the book of Revelation that one gains a fuller understanding about unfallen angels and their global impact in the service of God.

1. In heaven, angelic beings maintain the order of the heavenly temple and display great praise and worship in an orderly manner. Nothing happens without the direction of a high ranking or strong angel under God's direction.

Jesus Christ does not break the seals until the strong angel makes his announcement, a rhetorical question that emphasizes the supremacy of Jesus Christ's work of atonement (Rev 5:2).

Once Jesus Christ breaks the seals, it is the angels who herald God's trumpet judgments (Rev 8:6), and angelic beings who direct the dispensing of God's bowl judgments (Rev 15:7-8 - 16:1).

2. On earth, angels are given the authority to have a global impact on humanity and on earth. For example:

Seals 1-4 authorize angelic beings to facilitate war and famine so that 25% of the world's population would die (Rev 6:1-8).

Trumpets 1-4 authorized angelic beings to cause harm upon the earth and sea: burn up 33% of the earth, 33% of the trees and all of the grasses (Rev 8:7), kill 33% of all sea life and destroy 33% of all sea going ships (Rev 8:8-9), lethally poison 33% of all rivers and springs (Rev 8:10-11), and blot out the sun and moon for 33% of the day and 33% of the night (Rev 8:12).

Trumpet 5 authorized an unfallen angel to use a key to open the Abyss, and give the locusts a power like a scorpion that stings and hurts people for five months around the world (Rev 9:10).

Trumpet 7 authorized angelic beings to reap by dispensing God's final wrath that comes in the form of bowl judgments and accompanying Jesus Christ to Armageddon. The resulting plagues cause most, if not all, human beings to be tormented with disfiguring and painful sores (Rev 16:2), poison the seas and kill all living creatures within it (Rev 16:3), render all freshwater undrinkable (Rev 16:4-7), make the sun hotter (Rev 16:8-9), produce more pain and discomfort in non-Believers (Rev 16:10-11), and produce the greatest ever earthquake and hailstorm ever experienced by mankind (Rev 16:15-21).

At Armageddon, Jesus Christ, together with His host of unfallen angels, complete the reaping by destroying all who oppose Him (Matt 13:41-42; Rev 19:14).

It is important to note that good unfallen angels are not used directly to kill human beings until they accompany Jesus Christ at Armageddon when there are no Believers present at the very end of human history.

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