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Imputed / hereditary sin

The Bible speaks of sin in an all encompassing manner about human beings.

Imputed Sin: As a consequence of Adam’s sin, God's judgment of death was introduced and applied to all human beings (Gen 3:19; Rom 5:12-21). Imputed sin describes man’s legal standing before God’s judicial process.

Hereditary Sin: By eating the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve altered human nature so that their "eyes were opened" and they "hid themselves from the presence of God" (Gen 3:7-8). Hereditary sin describes the genetic feature of human nature that is passed down to each generation (Ps 51:1-5; Eph 2:3; Jer 17:9).

Personal Sin: Governed by one's natural sinful nature, the ungodly desires of one’s heart is manifest through one's behavior (Deut 24:16; Ezek 18:20; Rom 7:14-24).

With this understanding, one can perceive the full scope of sin: universal imputation of guilt, natural genetic aspects of human nature, and personal accountability of one's desires of the heart.

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