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The First Six Bowls

The first six bowls

When the Temple of God opens, revealing the Ark of the Covenant (Rev 11:19; 15:5; Ex 40:1-3), the apostle John perceives the appearance of the seven angels with the seven plagues as a "sign in heaven" that was "great and marvelous," because "in them, the wrath of God is finished" (Rev 15:1).

When the seven angels who had the seven plagues come out from the Temple of God, they receive from one of the four living creatures a bowl of God's wrath (Rev 15:6-7).

The plagues and bowls of God's wrath are significant for the judgments they render; it is a terrible time. But instead of repenting amidst this great suffering, the people did not fear God, blasphemed His name and failed to recognize that He was Lord of all. People preferred to follow the "great men of earth" and would be unable to hear the gospel (Rev 18:23).

Then I heard a loud voice from the temple, saying to the seven angels, "Go and pour out on the earth the seven bowls of the wrath of God." (Rev 16:1)

Bowl Effect on Earth
Plague 1
(Rev 16:2)
Poured on the earth

Loathsome and malignant sores on people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped his image (implications)
Plague 2
(Rev 16:3)
Poured into the sea

The seas became blood and killed all living creatures in it (implications)
Plague 3
(Rev 16:4-7)
Poured into the rivers and springs of water

All fresh water became blood which implied that all living creatures in it died. (implications)
Plague 4
(Rev 16:8-9)
Poured onto the sun

The sun scorched with fierce heat (implications)
Plague 5
(Rev 16:10-11)
Poured on the throne of the beast

The beast's kingdom darkened and people were in pain (implications)
Plague 6
(Rev 16:12)
Poured onto the Euphrates River

The Euphrates River dries up (implications)

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