Daniel's 70th Week

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The restoration

Daniel’s prophecy of the 70th week is significant for two reasons:

1. God affirms that His Kingdom will come after 70 weeks which will include the fulfillment of His covenant promises (Dan 9:24).

2. God reveals a timeline. Daniel discovers that a "week" is not a period of seven days; it is a period of seven years.

a) When the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem is announced, Jerusalem will be rebuilt in 7 weeks (Dan 9:25). While Nehemiah completes the initial rebuilding of the walls around Jerusalem in 52 days (Neh 6:15), there is little record of when Jerusalem was finally rebuilt in the fashion mentioned by the angel Gabriel.

b) 62 weeks later, Messiah the Prince will arrive and afterwards be cut off (Dan 9:25-26), and indeed this prediction matches Jesus Christ's crucifixion in 33 A.D.

c) The 70th week appears discontinuous and does not follow the 69th week, because there is no historical evidence that the complete cessation of transgression, sin, and iniquity has occurred since Jesus Christ's resurrection and ascension. The 70th week begins with the emergence of the "one who makes desolate" (Dan 9:27).

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