The Seventh Bowl

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The seventh bowl is significant for several reasons. It is the conclusion and final expression of God's wrath; when the last bowl is dispensed, a voice from the Temple of God says, "it is done" (Rev 16:7).

Note carefully that when the seventh bowl is poured (Rev 16:17-21), there are a number of harmful events that take place before the seventh plague is released at the very end.

Angel with the Seventh Plague Effect On Earth
The seventh bowl of God's wrath is poured upon the air Flashes of lightening and peals of thunder

The greatest earthquake ever experienced in human history causing islands to significantly move from their location and mountains to fall

All of the cities of the world fall and are destroyed

The last plague takes effect: a severe storm of huge hailstones, weighing close to 100 pounds, fall around the world

The great earthquake that the apostle John sees when the sixth seal is broken, without any mention of an angelic agent (Rev 6:12-14), is the same earthquake that is caused by the angel pouring the seventh bowl of God's wrath moving islands and felling mountains.

By culminating in the catastrophic earthquake, the sixth seal appears contemporaneously as the seventh bowl.

With the release of the last plague of huge hailstones, which is not mentioned in the sixth seal, the seventh bowl resumes the narrative sequence of the apostle John's prophetic revelation.

It is worth noting the turn of human emotion:

After the earthquake, there is fear of God (Rev 6:15-17).

After the huge hailstones, there is anger towards God (Rev 16:21).

From this moment on, God no longer has a reason for anger, because He has pronounced judgment on the last of sin. This final judgment is celebrated in heaven with great praise and hallelujahs (Rev 19:1-3).

With judgment passed, all that remains is Jesus Christ executing that sentence upon all those human beings who are left...

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