The Fifth Trumpet

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Just prior to the introduction of the fifth trumpet, the apostle John sees an eagle flying and crying out, "woe, woe, woe to those who dwell on the earth" (Rev 8:13).

Up until to the fifth trumpet, God's wrath of judgment was not focused on directly causing physical injury upon human beings.

The first four seals caused social upheaval and death (Rev 6:1-8), and the seventh seal caused harm upon the earth (Rev 8:5).

The first four trumpets caused harm upon the earth and seas (Rev 8:6-12).

The abyss of the fifth trumpet and first woe

Identified as a woe, the fifth trumpet heralds the start of God's wrath being dispensed directly and physically upon human beings.

When the fifth trumpet sounds, an angel from heaven is sent to earth to open the "bottomless pit" with the key he was given. From the abyss comes "the smoke of a great furnace" which darkens the sun (Rev 9:1-2).

After opening the abyss, the angel from heaven does three things (Rev 9:3-5):

1. Gives the locusts a power like a scorpion such as a tail that stings and hurts people for five months (Rev 9:10).

2. Restricts the locusts from hurting the grass, any vegetation, or any tree.

3. Restricts the locusts from stinging any of the 144,000 sealed bond servants and causing any death of those they afflict.

The fifth trumpet is the first woe, which God intends as a means to torment human beings with pain such that they would seek death but not find it and instead, seek God.

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