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Praying for salvation

1. If it wasn't for the New Covenant, the Holy Spirit would come and depart upon man.

a. True

b. False

2. How does the Holy Spirit sanctify the New Believer?

a. Cleanses the only necessary component of the human being, the mind

b. Assures the Believer the indwelling presence of Jesus Christ

c. The Holy Spirit is the author of Scripture

d. Indwelling of the Holy Spirit is not necessary for salvation

The church

3. What is required before the Holy Spirit can help the Believer live a sanctified life devoted and dedicated to God?

a. You must be "baptized by the Holy Spirit"

b. You must be yourself

c. You must be supernaturally empowered so that you can be like God knowing good from evil

d. The Holy Spirit can only help if the Believer cooperates and follows His lead

4. How does a Believer know that the Holy Spirit is working in his life?

a. The nine characteristics of the Fruit of the Spirit is evident

b. You recognize and exercise your spiritual gift

c. You are being used to edify and bless others in your church

d. All of the above

If you have any questions, you can review and examine the links in this module In the Believer / Church.

Series: The Doctrine on the Holy Spirit
Conclusion: Cooperating with the Holy Spirit

Series: The Doctrine on the Holy Spirit
Caring for the Salvation of Others

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