Salvation from the Power of Sin

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Salvation from the power of sin

How does the Holy Spirit help the Believer live a sanctified life devoted and dedicated to God?

1. Formerly alienated, blind and deaf to God, the Believer with the Holy Spirit realizes the reality of God's presence and reality of his relationship to God (Gal 4:6-7).

2. While a Believer's sinful nature remains, the Holy Spirit provides the power that enables the Believer freedom from the obligation to live according to his sinful nature (Rom 8:12-13; Gal 5:16-18).

3. The Holy Spirit provides the possibility of salvation from the power of sin; but, it is limited by the degree that the Believer "lives by the Spirit" or "led by the Spirit" (Gal 5:16-18; Zech 4:6).

For example, the "fruit of the Spirit" is the natural product of the Holy Spirit when there is a living relationship between God and the Believer (Gal 5:22-25). The nine different qualities of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are considered a singular unit and pertain to one's relationship with God, his fellow man and himself.

Because He produced the Bible (1 Pet 1:21), the Holy Spirit helps one understand God's word (1 Cor 2:10-16; Eph 3:3-6) and educates (Tit 3:4-7) or confronts (Eph 6:18); however, it is through one's efforts of "living by the Spirit" and "following the lead of the Spirit" whether the fruit of the Spirit is achieved (Gal 5:25).

4. The Holy Spirit helps sustain Believers during burdens and disappointments through intercession and prayer (Rom 8:26-27). It is why Believers are exhorted to pray "in the Sprit" (Eph 6:18).

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