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You Have Worth and Are Precious to God

If the murderer and persecutor Saul can be saved, how about you?

God wanted to make something more like Himself (with physical, spiritual and moral characteristics) than any other creation.

The worth of a human being is not based on anything inherent in a person but is the result of God choosing to grant worth and dignity to mankind.

God did not need to create human beings nor does He need human beings for anything, yet human beings are important to God Himself.

The implication of this is significant in understanding one's self worth.

Your self worth or self esteem is not determined by nor need the approval of others.

It is not determined by your physical qualities or characteristics.

It is not determined by money, property or possessions.

You are worthy because you were created by God.

And yet that worth is based on a relationship with God.

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Series: The Doctrine on Man
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