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Medical Bioethics

These implications have practical applications in our lives. What will be the basis of your conviction if faced with a personal medical bioethical dilemma? What about your conviction on government policy that uses public money?

What do you think of these examples?

Artificial insemination? Donor sperm? Donor egg?

Does life begin at conception or birth? Does a fetus have a soul?

If birth control is being considered, does the method matter whether it is designed for use to prevent or after fertilization?

Is it "playing God" when one uses in vitro fertilization and / or select gender or traits? How does one consider the issue of embryo transfer when several embryos are created but only one is implanted?

Human cloning

Is cloning "good", because it will provide an inventory of "spare" body and organ parts? How should one consider the asexual procreation of a human being?

How should sex change operations be viewed?

Should embryonic stem cell research using aborted fetuses be pursued because of its promise of medical therapies and treatments?

How should one view transplants that use organs from other animal species?

Are there implications to cosmetic surgery and tattoos and our understanding of the "image of God"?

Cosmetic surgery to change your image

When one is so ill or infirmed, should one use maximum medical technology to delay death?

Is it merciful to painlessly kill severely handicapped infants or the terminally ill?

How should one view capital punishment?

How should one view cryogenics, the frozen preservation of a human being for future resuscitation when medical technology has evolved to repair the cause of death?

As medical technology advances and improves, many more challenging questions will arise in the field of medical bioethics. How they will be resolved will depend largely on one’s view of anthropology and how one defines "what is good".

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