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Your Soul has Eternal Life

The soul of a human being was created to exist without the physical body.

Eternal life

Death temporarily separates the soul from the body.

For Christians, their soul goes immediately into heaven and in the presence of Jesus Christ.

For non-Christians, their soul goes temporarily into hades to await judgment. There is no second chance for salvation.

The soul of Christians can consciously relate to Jesus Christ.

When the soul does reunite with the body:

For Christians, the soul is reunited with a new glorified body incapable of sin for a life in New Jerusalem with God and Jesus Christ.

For non-Christians, the soul is reunited with a body for final judgment and then thrown into the Lake of fire.

The implication of this is significant in understanding the meaning of death.

The Bible's description of mankind's sinfulness and weakness and God's holy and righteous nature provides a basis for understanding that no human being is holy enough to stand in the presence of God.

Yet because God loves man, He provided the means for human beings to become holy.

For Christians, death marks the end of life with sin and a better life in the presence of God.

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