Essence: Heart and Mind

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What constitutes the human heart?

1. How does the Bible view the human heart?

a. It is the source of one's inner self, the seat of emotion, understanding, volitional will and conscience.

b. It is usually used as a figure of speech of some aspect of human personality.

c. It is recognized as the root of mankind's problem.

d. All of the above.

e. All but b.

Are the abstract concepts of the mind and will of a human being simply a euphemism for the physical brain?

2. How does the Bible view the human mind?

a. There are no Hebrew words for the English term "mind."

b. The term "mind" refers to how one thinks and reasons.

c. The Hebrew words for "heart", "soul" and "spirit" have been translated as the English term "mind."

d. The New Testament views the human mind in a moral context and as a reflection of the orientation of one's heart.

e. All of the above.

f. All but b.

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