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The Genesis Record:
A Scientific & Devotional Commentary on
the Book of Beginnings: Foreword

Although there are more than twenty commentaries on Genesis currently in print, there is a unique need for this one. So far as is known, this is the only commentary on the complete Book of Genesis written by a creationist scientist. Clearly, it takes such a scientist, as well as a writer with Biblical and theological acumen, to understand and expound this book of beginnings in depth.

In fact, if a Christian worker desires to develop a commentary shelf on Genesis for his library, he would do well to begin with this one. A reader usually merely consults a commentary, but this volume tempts one to read it at length. It is written as a narrative exposition rather than as a critical verse by verse analysis (although discussions of all important historical and scientific problems are woven into the narrative); hence it is difficult to lay it down.

Dr. Morris writes from the conviction that the first eleven chapters of Genesis are as truly historical as the remaining thirty-nine. This conclusion is not based simply on faith, but on many years of study of the scientific aspects of the Genesis records and of the interchange of ideas with many other scientists, both creationists and evolutionists. Since he and many of his colleagues are convinced that the earth and universe are young, rather than billions of years old, he advocates a tight chronology in expounding Genesis. In handling that account of the worldwide Noahic Flood, the author draws on his studies in hydrology and geology, in addition to his years of teaching hydraulic engineering.

The fact that Dr. Morris has not received formal theological training does not hinder him from handling the Biblical and theological implications effectively. There is evidence of wide reading and Bible study in depth. He has taught adult and college Bible classes regularly for over thirty years. One will also find many applications to the Christian life, with unusual insight into human character.

A thorough understanding of the book of Genesis is necessary if one is to understand the rest of sacred Scripture. In this book, the reader is conducted by a capable guide through these important corridors of earth history.

Arnold D. Ehlert

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