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Study Bibles combine the resources of a Bible dictionary, manners and customs, concordance, atlas, and commentary into one Book. While they provide a convenient and portable means to have a deeper personal Bible study while traveling, they are not a substitute for a true reference. Yet for those who may not be able to afford any reference works, Study Bibles offer a powerful aid to the casual Bible reader.

Just remember this rule for good Bible study:

First - read the Bible.

Second - then consult the references.

Included in this category is Interlinear Bibles. These special Bibles will have the Old Testament Hebrew and / or New Testament Greek on one line with the literal English equivalent underneath them. Grammatical markers are used to indicate nouns, prepositions, articles, etc., which provide you a greater insight on the subject of translation.

Various Bible translations were also included here, because their prefaces / forewords provide information about the challenges and task of translation; this information would help one gain a deeper appreciation of those toiling in the task of translating the Bible.

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This page lists the titles of many excellent references called Study Bibles with links to the publisher's forewards / prefaces. If you take a moment to read some of these prefaces / forewords, you'll find that they in themselves are enlightening.

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