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Available initially as computer software installed locally on your hard drive, there are a variety of excellent and efficient Bible study resources on the Internet available as a download or as a service in the cloud. These Internet offerings may be accessed either freely, by fee or by subscription.

There are three major factors one should consider when evaluating these Internet services:

  1. quality of scholarship
  2. ease of navigation and usability

Quality of scholarship

Many cloud based products utilize dated public domain resources; copyrighted material becomes free after 100 years. While having some resources is better than none, dated resources lack the benefit of the more recent advances in anthropology, archeology, and biblical languages.

Ease of navigation and usability

How frequently a Bible study resource service is used depends on how easy and intuitive it is. Are the icons intuitive? Is the navigation simple? Does it require many clicks to access your resource? Take care in allowing user reviews affect your evaluation of a Bible study resource, because not all reviews may represent how you intend to the product.

Tools: Bible Software / Internet Resources

This page lists the titles of many excellent references called Internet Resources with links to a sampling of some of the most popular resources now available on the Internet.

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