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What is this reference: Bible Software?

Computer software has become an excellent and efficient means to access Bible study resources. While the offerings multiply and technology improves, how does one know which software is appropriate?

There are three major factors one should consider when evaluating software:

  1. quality of scholarship
  2. compatibility of operating system
  3. ease of navigation and usability

Quality of scholarship

Many software products utilize dated, copyright free, or public domain resources. While having some resources is better than none, dated resources lack the benefit of the more recent advances in anthropology, archeology, and biblical languages.

Compatibility of operating system

All current software is platform dependent. So it is essential that you know what type of computer and operating system that you have. Depending on their resources, the software publisher may not have their product available for all operating systems.

Ease of navigation and usability

How frequently a software program is used is dependent on how easily and intuitive it is. Are the icons intuitive? Is the navigation simple? Does it require many clicks to access your resource? If the software is too hard to use, the investment would not be appropriate.

Tools: Bible Software

This page lists the titles of many excellent references called Bible Software with links to the publishers. This category of references is pertinent to desktop PCs and laptops. It does not link to the many fine online resources now available on the Internet.

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