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Living By The Book: Preface

Teaching others how to study the Bible for themselves is like leading a tour through mountain grandeur. Every feature is virtually indescribable. One can only feel the greatness. Though we climb the hills and breathe the air, we struggle for words to describe the adventure. Yet whereas the awesome magnitude of the biblical terrain belittles our security blanket of pride, its attraction never pales. Exposure to that powerful message never ceases to stir our spirit.

I've been escorting students into those heights for more than four decades. But even I still pant with excitement every time I make the trip, and I still struggle to develop the mental film I've shot into understandable concepts. Fortunately, the probing questions of countless participants in my study groups have helped to crystallize many of the insights I've gained. To them I owe much in helping to make my courses-and this book-more usable.

But how does one translate the pedagogy of the classroom into user-friendly text? Where does one find a literary artist who can reduce my idiom to clear ideas? Who can tailor theological truth for everyday wear? Who can read the pulse of this balding professor from a passing generation? Little did I realize that such a rare talent arrived in my fourth microburst of fatherhood more than thirty-five years ago.

My son Bill was "to the manner born." Not only does he share my gene pool, as one of my former students he has already grabbed my academic hand-off and scored on his own as an writer, editor, and video producer. His communication skills take second place only to his integrity and commitment to the task. My appreciation for his work surges off the graph.

It's with a sense of deep privilege that I share my life's passion on paper-that believers who rest their eternal salvation on Christ will hear and heed His written revelation. The study of the Bible is derigueur for the Christian. More than a duty, it provides protection for the daily battle, comfort for dashed hopes, and continuing education for a life that is worth living

Howard G. Hendricks

Taken from Living By The Book by Howard G. Hendricks and William D. Hendricks, Moody Press, copyright ©1991. Used by permission. (

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